Recovery From Fire Damage

Repairing Homes From Smoke and Soot Damage

Fire can be damaging indeed, but the smoke that follows can be devastating and destroying, it spreads out on a larger area and pollutes everything it comes in contact with. Usually, it is recommended to get your home repaired by a professional fire restoration service. There is just not much room for error, and you will get quality service, instead of the time and effort taken on repairing the damage on your own. However, that does not mean that you cannot restore your home from smoke and fire damage.

Flood and Fire

Here is How You Can Do It:

1. Keep your windows open. You can install a circular fan or a portable box fan to reduce the strong, offensive smell of the smoke
2. You can moisten cheesecloth pieces and keep them over the vents, intake and outtake areas in the home. The cheesecloth can absorb any remaining soot in the air, and prevent it from spreading around the room.
3. Replace attic insulation that has been at the receiving end of smoke damage.
4. There is a good chance of residual soot that may be stuck in carpets and upholstery. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and smoke traces from some kinds of tough, absorbent material. Hold the vacuum nozzle, a little ahead, above the material, so that you are removing soot, instead of pushing it further deep inside the fabric.
5. After cleaning upholstery and carpets, you can cover them with plastic sheets. This will prevent any soot or dust floating in the air to be trapped inside them again.
6. Copper and brass items like bathroom fixtures can be cleaned with copper or brass cleaner. It is important to take prompt action and clean them quickly because the smoke film can quickly and permanently damage brass and copper items within just 24 hours.
7. For cleaning smoke damaged clothing, curtains and other fabric, you can submerge these clothes overnight in a gallon of warm water, mixed with a cup of dishwashing agent. Drain and wash the items the next day. In case of things that can be bleached, you can mix 1 cup of chlorine bleach with 1 gallon of water and 4 to 6 tablespoons of trisodium phosphate. Soak these items overnight, then rinse with clean water and keep them too dry. You can buy trisodium phosphate at most hardware stores.
8. You can wipe hard surfaces like table-tops, walls, counters, ceilings with a sponge. Compared to wet ones, dry cleaning sponges work better. If it was a grease fire that caused the damage, you could use a sponge dipped in luke-warm water to wipe soot surfaces.
9. If you find that bleaching and soaking do not remove the smoke damage entirely, you can take the items to a dry cleaner, which have tools and material to wipe away traces of smoke damage.
10. Some people use deodorizing sprays to bring down the smoke odor. This is not recommended because the scented sprays can cause a chemical reaction; it can interact with the smoke odor to release new, harmful odors.
11. One should remember not to keep food packages open. Smoke can contaminate food, and this can pose a higher degree of health risk.
12. Finally, never enter a smoke damaged home without getting the official approval from the fire safety marshal. There may be structural damage to the house which may cause injury while you are undertaking the job of cleaning and repairing.

Mold Toxins Are a Danger To Health

Moisture In the Home Means Mold

Anyone who experiences a significant amount of moisture or water damage in their business or home should consider contacting a mold inspection company. This type of company will identify the types of mold if any is present and any toxins in the air caused by to mold.

Symptoms of Exposure to Mold Toxins

Most of the toxins from the mold in a water damaged or flooded building can cause harm to the body, as well as cause disease. In response to toxic molds, some people experience symptoms, such as eye irritation, coughing, chronic headaches, dizziness, rashes, and flu-like symptoms. There also can be problems relative to their nose and throat, which includes upper respiratory infections and sinus congestion. Also, molds such as this can contribute to people having ongoing colds, bloody noses, and even arthritis.

Symptoms Warrant Action

Due to this, it is vital that people have a home inspection, followed by professional mold remediation. The inspection will identify the all the mold and the action needed to remove it and all the spores safely from the home. When you only remove what you can see, then the problem is likely to resurface again, therefore compromising the breathing environment within the home through its spores people inhale.

Mold Inspection Service

In most cases, a visual inspection will be the first thing to occur. Also, the inspector stays alert for any types of musty odors and discolorations. Both are indicative of homes with mold. Many types of molds exist, as well as take some different forms. In some situations, mold looks almost the same as cotton. Some mold comes in shades of grey, whereas others are white or green. Most often, any type of musty odor indicates a problem with mold. However, an odor is not always a tell-tale sign of mold. Not all molds have a smell. Also, it can potentially grow in any part of the home. Often, the bathroom is one of the prime areas for black mold to produce. Water pipes and bathroom tiles additionally serve as a good breeding ground for mold to grow, especially under the kitchen sink.

Prevention is the Best Option

Prevention works well in keeping mold out of a person’s home or business. To do this, ensure there is no moisture in the home or business, which tends to be the optimal place for mold to grow. Mostly, the best thing a person can do is fix any leaks that arise, as well as invest in a dehumidifier. Always keep in mind how the longer you let moisture go, the worse it will get, hence increase the amount you end up spending.

Mold remediation Service Austin

In the case that you decide to use a professional Austin home mold remediation company, always make sure the individual has the license and certification in addition to having many years of experience under their belt. Also, they should have experience in both residential and commercial sites. Following a visual inspection, they should give you an estimate. If you find their price too high, then it does not hurt to look at other options offered with another mold remediation company. Some people that may work well to help you with your choice are your friends, neighbors, and family. Often, the people that are closest to you can serve as an excellent resource for a recommendation for a qualified professional. When it comes to your health and home, quality is one thing you do not want to sacrifice.


Think About a Metal Roof?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

If you are thinking about metal roofing Houston, there are several factors that you need consider regarding installation, maintenance, and hiring contractors. It is also essential that you understand the need to have a metal roof in your area, its advantages, and disadvantages. For instance, metal roofs are best beneficial if you are living in a cold and snowy country because this keeps you warm throughout the entire season. Knowing that most of the surfaces that are dark in color aids quickly in melting the snow as soon as the sun is showing up again.  Installing a metal roof will require skilled Houston metal roofing contractors, so it is best that you find and select the right roofing company to do the job for you. Since this is a home project that means you are saving enough budget to ensure that you will have a safe home in the next years to come. More so, if you are considering in purchasing and installing a metal roof, it is vital that you can weigh your options with regards to its advantages and disadvantages, what are its common types of materials, for example, wood, asphalt, and tile.

Some the  Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Roofing.

Life expectancy

If a metal roof is installed correctly this should last you longer with snow that easily sheds, survives harsh winds and water is not leaking. Mind you; metal is resistant to rot, fire, mildew, and insects. Warranty is according to the company to where you have purchased the metal roof, but this would back you up for more than 20 years with paint.


It is known as lightweight compared to a tile or concrete tile. The weight varies between 50 to 150 lbs per sq. Application of an additional roof to an existing roof is applicable even without tearing off the old metal roof. Often it is downsized according to the number of roof supports.

Installation Process

There metal roofing materials that come in different shingle sections. Any skilled contractor can install it easily even if your roof is stripped-off.


since this is durable and it does last you for many years that means it is expensive which would cost you a lot of money even if you are only paying for its initial costs especially in roof repair.


If you love the rain tapping on the roof as it relaxes you. However, for some it is noisy. Keep in mind that metal is bound to be a bit noisy depending on the condition. Contractors can apply solid wood underneath or a soundproof deadening insulation. Paint maintenance- in and out of season the paint on the metal roof will eventually wear-off so; you’ll need to invest for an amount of money

Lightning and Sparks

metal is a heat and electric conductor which means you are prone to anything that sparks. It is best that you protect using a ground. Despite the advantages and disadvantages, it is best that you consult a skilled contractor to help you sort out ways to avoid accidents and to protect you from any possible environmental hazards.